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Garden Montessori School
is a NGSC Certified Level III Green School and a
Platinum Green Certified Business

Since its inception, Garden Montessori School has emphasized sustainability and environmental stewardship as it directly relates to our green mission, “GMS is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and all life on our Earth. We are committed to environmentally conscience practices, role modeling our vales to the families we serve and the community."


GMS became the first “Gold Seal Level II Certified” Green preschool in the United States in 2009 by a National Third Green Audit Program. We were proud to announce our elevation from a Level II to a Level III certification of excellence in 2013. Currently, with its continued commitment to making a difference for our planet, we recently achieved Platinum certification status through the Green Business Bureau, a National, Third-Party Green Business certification company.

The term " Green School ", is a chemical-free, pesticide-free and herbicide-free environment.  We have stepped forward on these changes for the benefit of our children and staff.


 Over the years, medical research has proven the dangers of cleaning chemicals and especially pesticides to children's health.  Unhealthy fumes can irritate children's eyes, nose and lungs. These same chemicals are also suspected of causing cancer.  Scientists have linked such health problems as Asthma,  Kawasaki Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder to the use of chemicals.

Use of Environmentally Friendly Products

As with other schools, daily cleaning is a must, and our staff uses environmentally friendly cleaning products for a more healthy environment for the children. Carpets are steamed annually using natural products, and the older students are encouraged to clean up using healthier methods that have less potential to aggravate breathing issues such as asthma and allergies. With less toxic cleaning materials being used in the building, we offer a healthy working environment for the students and staff members. 

Some products used on campus:

  • Gojo Mild Green Seal Certified Hand Cleaner: clear biodegradable formula is environmentally responsible without sacrificing performance.

  • Seventh Generation plant-based products including their Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, Botanical Disinfectants Disinfecting Wipes.

  • Sustainable Earth toilet paper and unbleached paper towels. These products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials, and/or third-party certified green.

Recycle and Reuse

GMS implements a comprehensive recycling program throughout the school, in every classroom and office space. Paper bins are placed around the school to encourage participation from all of the building’s occupants, from the 18-month-old students to the adults. Families who wish to participate may bring in their recycling products to the school's recycle container and are encouraged to do so to make  recycling even more meaningful for their children.

Composting and Organic Gardening

GMS also has designated areas for composting and gardening.  We encourage the children's involvement with preparing the garden and tending to the plants using organic materials.  We are beginning to add to our compost pile by encouraging the children and the staff to use scraps from their lunch throughout the week. By composting the scraps, we can use this to help fertilize our garden in an environmentally friendly way.

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