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Toddler Program

The Toddler Program is designed for children between the ages of 18-months to approximately 3-years-old with an adult-to-child ratio of 1 to 6.  Our Toddler classrooms provide the ideal atmosphere for fostering independence, fine and gross motor development, and cognitive development while creating a sense of community.

The main areas of our Toddler Program are:

Practical Life: Within Practical Life, our children learn how to care for themselves and the environment.  They are developing and building their coordination, concentration, sense of order, independence, eye-hand control, and fine motor skills, while creating a positive self-concept.

Language: The Toddler classroom revolves around language development.   It is essential for a child’s need to communicate to be fostered and encouraged.  The language area aids in enriching vocabulary skills, verbal communication, the beginning stages of reading and rhyming, as well as opposites and similes.

Sensorial: This area allows our children to use their senses to learn about their world around them.  They are able to distinguish various colors, sounds, scents, shapes and textures.

Manipulatives: The manipulative area provides space and comfort for stacking, nesting, building, bead stringing, and hammering.  All of these activities are aiding our children in eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor development, and concentration.

Take a peek inside the Toddler Classroom...

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